“…in order to have any meaningful direction — and to organize into maximum effectiveness — people need a deep sense of connection to what an organization is, and what it’s trying to accomplish.”                 – Meg Wheatley

Transition and change are always challenging.  With more than 50 years of combined experience in nonprofit management and organizational development, Levine Partners provides a unique and powerful approach to building and sustaining purposeful, effective nonprofit organizations.  Levine Partners asks the hard questions and offers expert situational analysis, change process facilitation, leadership coaching and strategic planning direction which enable organizations to develop the best solutions and strategies for meaningful success now and in the future.

Guiding organizations through a customized change process with a focus on their purpose and actionable outcomes is a key part of Levine Partners approach to effective change.  Levine Partners provides skilled facilitation that engages stakeholders, builds focus and capacity and sets reasonable directions.

Levine Partners believes that “change counts” and that with purposeful guidance and support, organizations can make the hard decisions that will hone their focus and move them forward with renewed purpose and clear direction.  Good listening, thoughtful analysis, purposeful engagement, probing questions, meaningful conversation and an understanding of the organizational environment and climate are the hallmarks of how Levine Partners works with clients.  The goal is always finding what is best for all parts of an organization – board, staff, clients/end-users, community.

Levine Partners recognizes the needs and limitations of small and medium sized nonprofit organizations and provides them with cost effective and manageable solutions.

Levine Partners is open to taking on new challenges… are you?