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Levine Partners’ Reflections on 2016… — January 4, 2017

Levine Partners’ Reflections on 2016…

The year 2016 will be seen as one of changes, surprises, wins and losses and unanticipated outcomes.  Few can predict what 2017 will bring, but few will be untouched by the changes to come.  For Levine Partners this past year has been one of honing our focus and responding to the perceived and real needs of our clients and challenging them (and us) to think strategically about their futures in a dramatically changing environment.  We have learned much…

  • We have learned that a secure future is a worthy goal, but cannot be counted on.
  • We have learned that a wonderful mission statement does not always indicate what organizations actually do.
  • We have seen politics and life changes intervene and redirect what seemed to be the right.
  • We have watched as the best laid plans need to be re-worked to align with new realities.
  • We have seen the resiliency of the nonprofit sector.
  • We have seen the value in partnerships and collaborations…and the need to give things up to make them work.
  • We have seen the tremendous commitment of both staff and volunteers to work with those who seek to better their lives.
  • We have learned that the corporate sector cares, but feels it must often respond to its own bottom line and constituencies.
  • We have seen changes in the foundation world, seeking to do good via both innovation and greater control of how funds are used.
  • We have experienced the generosity and commitment of individuals in supporting those organizations that share their values.
  • We have affirmed that plans and planning have value only when they come from shared efforts by staff and volunteers.
  • We have seen the value in strategic plans only when they are regularly used, evaluated and changed as the environment changes.
  • We continue to believe that thoughtful, strategic and focused assessment and planning are key to building strong futures for the nonprofit sector.
  • We are committed to continued work with nonprofits who seek to better their work and our world and are open to change.